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In a Foul Mood? Avoid Driving While Under Emotional Duress

In a Foul Mood? Avoid Driving While Under Emotional Duress

Distracted driving is not just dangerous, it is a deadly habit that many motorists engage in despite what can be horrifying consequences, leading to thousands of lives taken every year and hundreds of thousands of injuries. Every tiny diversion while you are driving opens the opportunity for an accident, and subsequent tragedy. This could mean receiving a text, responding to a text, receiving a phone call, setting a GPS, or fiddling with electronics such as a stereo system. You could be worried about work, brushing hair, straightening the tie, or dealing with any number of hindrances that take your mind off driving.

Aggressive driving is another danger on the highway also. While some motorists may be suffering from classic anger issues, others just lose their patience altogether with drivers who don’t seem to know what they are doing, due to sudden braking, unpredictable lane changes, dangerous turns at intersections, and more. Road rage can become a very bad habit though, even inciting altercations on the road when one driver cuts another one-off or may even stop and approach the other. There may be obscenities hurled, and violence is incited in some cases. While it is one thing to get irritated—and sometimes understandably so—serious road rage can have terrible results.

Somewhere in the middle also lies the dangers of driving while you are not able to concentrate due to negative emotions. While all too often we may not even consider how we are feeling when we get behind the wheel because we are so used to navigating from point A to point B (sometimes almost on autopilot), there is no room for anything else when driving—except driving. Hands on the wheel, eyes on the road, and full concentration on the task at hand are key to the safety of you and your passengers, and everyone else traveling in your proximity.

The problem with driving while under emotional distress is that you may incorporate dangers from both distracted driving and aggressive driving, making the hazards worse for everyone. What are you have been in an argument with a partner or had a seriously bad day at work, if you feel like your emotions are not completely under control, take a beat, breathe, meditate, or even catch a ride with someone else if you must. Chances are, other motorists are your greatest threat though. Driving defensively is critical to your safety—and if you notice others on the road who are texting while driving (or even just while sitting at a red light), weaving, or seem to be under the influence, stay as far away from them as possible. If necessary, call 911 to alert law enforcement of a potential danger on the road or highway.

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