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Are Those Messages About Insurers Recording Your Calls Really Just for Quality Control?

Are Those Messages About Insurers Recording Your Calls Really Just for Quality Control?

Ultimately, the key to insurance is all based on trust, no matter how loosely corporations may define such a characteristic, in comparison to what consumers expect. And while you may have different types of relationships over a lifetime, many of them based on and enjoyed due to great trust—whether business or personal—the one with your insurance company is particularly important because you are trusting them with the protection of your assets. This may include property, healthcare, and accompanying costs, your business, your professional life, your home, and more. And while many may rush through purchasing insurance just to put it in place, have the task over with, and move forward, this can be one critical process and purchase that is important to your future. There could be many negative repercussions if a company acts in bad faith when you need to file a claim.

Having to file a claim and deal with the whole process can be extremely inconvenient, to say the least. Usually, the experience begins innocently enough as you file a claim, with the adjuster calling and asking for all the initial details regarding the case, whether you had a car accident or some other type of claim. Assuming you have been paying all your premiums on time (and this may have involved substantial amounts), it may not occur to you that anything could go wrong after you have held up your end of the bargain for so long; however, the largest, most profitable, and even the most reputable insurance companies may prefer to keep their money in the bank accruing interest rather than paying you.

Rather than enduring many different phone calls with adjusters and worrying about whether you are being recorded, it is best to let your attorney handle every communication. Not only that, adjusters are much more respectful of the situation when they realize you have legal representation. Those warnings about ‘all phone calls being recorded’ are there for a reason, and every conversation can be saved and referred to later. Adjusters and insurance companies overall are famous for using policyholders’ words against them in court, so it is better not to say anything that could interfere with your case.

If you need to file a claim, consult with an attorney like Andrew ‘Pike’ Piekalkiewicz, PLLC right away—and especially if you have been involved in a car accident or if you sustained injuries. You may be dealing with an enormous influx of medical bills, as well as loss of income when you were temporarily or perhaps even permanently unable to go back to work. Having an attorney on your side and in charge of communicating with the insurance company is in the best interest of your case, and your financial future as you may see all your savings and emergency funds dissipating while you try your best to recuperate.

If you have been injured in a car accident due to the negligence of others, please call the law offices of Andrew ‘Pike’ Piekalkiewicz, PLLC as soon as possible at (713) 748-7453 or visit AttorneySgtPike for a no obligation case review. As a variation of the system employed in trucking cases, Sgt. Attorney Pike activates and deploys the Car Accident Response Team or C.A.R.T. ™ immediately after being hired and in appropriate cases. A team of specialized personnel trained in every aspect of car wrecks and injuries is deployed. Let us help you!