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Walking to Work? Pedestrian Crosswalks Known to Be Hazardous in Houston

Walking to Work? Pedestrian Crosswalks Known to Be Hazardous in Houston

Pedestrians should take extra care while traveling on foot in Houston. Unfortunately, this is the case in many cities and towns in the US today, as fatalities continue to rise—much to the consternation and continuing horror of government analysts, infrastructure experts, and residents. With very little protection against a 4,000-pound car—or even just a motorcycle that may weigh a few hundred pounds, pedestrians may stand little chance in the face of a serious traffic accident, and one that may include serious negligence on the part of another motorist.

Ironically, although they are the area specifically designated for pedestrians, crosswalks are often the most hazardous. While congestion may be the rule at rush hour, during other times of the day, traffic may be very fast-paced, and many drivers are so hurried that they forget about putting safety first. Unfortunately, that can be a fatal mistake. Crosswalk areas are more dangerous for pedestrians at night, even though there may be less traffic at that time. Distracted driving may play an unfortunate role in many of these accidents, along with driving under the influence, and other reckless behavior.

There may not be proper illumination, and sometimes weather may play a role in decreased visibility too. In some cases, the very devices that are supposed to keep pedestrians safe are a hindrance too, as signal control boxes may obstruct the view of motorists or pedestrians, and the time allotted for crossing may not be long enough. Motorists turning may not look for pedestrians, even when they travel the same route day after day, with intersections being the most dangerous of scenarios.

If you travel on foot regularly, be as defensive as you would be if you were driving. First though, you must be as visible as possible too. As a pedestrian, you should wear bright clothing, and if traveling at night, neon reflectors are extremely helpful on clothing or shoes. Always be watching for cars, and when possible make eye contact with motorists before you cross the road. Seniors are at greater risk for pedestrian accidents, and more likely to be victims of fatalities, as are children.

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